Sopot Business Center / Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.

Courtesy of Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.

Sopot Business Center by Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o. is the 2nd Prize winner of a competition for Zagreb, Croatia. It features a dynamic assortment of spaces that shift in section creating distinct open spaces that provide connections through the various parts of the complex.

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elevation 01

The basis of the complex is to create spaces that interchangeably open towards the north and the south, resulting in a dynamic structure of pyramidal forms. These elements stretch horizontally, equally through all underground and surface levels. Open spaces, narrow clefts, ramps and slanting ceilings enable communication throughout the centre, establishing a series of separate entrances, but also ensuring the possibility of airing and natural light in a large part of work areas.

section 01

The openness of the structure and indentation of pedestrian flow into the new complex, as well as horizontal composition, establish directions and offer a response to the urban structure of the new city. The building becomes an extension of the ground and the urban fabric so that it is not designed exclusively for the users of the Business Center but welcomes everyone from the city.

Architects: Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Project: Sopot Business Centre
Project date: 2011. competition, 2nd prize
Collaborators: Tajana Derenčinović Jelčić, Andreja Dodig, Petar Reić, Simona Sović Štos, Zorana Zdjelar, Freya d.o.o.
Gross surface area: 42,823 sqm
Site area: 7,500 sqm

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects - Garcia Residence in Tucson, AZ

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects - Garcia Residence in Tucson, AZ: "

The site for this single family residence is a steep north-facing slope in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains, located west of the city of Tucson in Arizona, with commanding views of city lights and the surrounding mountains.

Garcia-Residence-01The architects, Ibarra Rosano, wanted to design a structure that would appear to grow out of the rocky desert hillside without dominating the landscape. To be able to do that, they set the axis of the house parallel with the site contours and created three narrow bays to terrace up the hill, keeping the excavation and fill to a minimum.



Family House in Lety / studio pha

© Filip Šlapal

Architects: studio pha
Location: Lety, Czech Republic
Authors: Marek Deyl, Jan Šesták, Filip Tomášek
Investor: Marek Deyl
Project area: 136 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Filip Šlapal

V-House by GAAGA

V-House by GAAGA

Dutch architecture studio GAAGA have completed this house in Leiden, the Netherlands, with a roof that pitches inwards to create a v-shaped profile. (more…)

Ruta del Peregrino: Lookout Point by HHF Architects

Ruta del Peregrino lookout point by HHF Architects

Here are some photographs of the Lookout Point by Swiss architects HHF, the first of eight structures to be completed for the Mexican pilgrimage la Ruta del Peregrino, which was open for the first time this year. (more…)

GR230 by Code

GR230 by Code

This motorway service station along Route 230 in northern Japan, by architects Code, has a black, rectangular form that snakes up from the ground towards a nearby mountain. (more…)

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