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Electricity-Free iPhone Speaker Blasts Tunes from a Piece of Bamboo

iBamboo, bamboo speakers, iPhone speaker, sustainable speakers, green design, eco design, sustainable design, Anatoliy Omelchenko


Perforated House / Kavellaris Urban Design

Architects: Kavellaris Urban Design
Location: Victoria, Australia
Project team: Billy Kavellaris & Rodrigo Sandoval Mateluna
Photographs: Courtesy of


Christian Woo: Covert

Christian Woo

Christian Woo

Covert, by Christian Woo, is a carefully-edited collection of contemporary furniture ranging from sleek, low profile end tables to filing cabinets and sideboards. Each piece highlights the qualities of its materials: sustainably-harvested hardwoods, hand-rubbed oil finishes and thin bands of colour.

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There I was, poised in space, a dis-embodied eye, invisible, incorporeal, seeing but not seen

Sculptures by Ara Peterson
Title: R. Gordon Wasson

Richard Long exhibition

There's a new Richard Long exhibition at the Haunch of Venison in London.

Minami-Hayama duo by Nakae Architects and Ohno Japan

Minami-Hayama duo by Nakae Architects

This holiday home in Kanagawa, Japan, by Japanese studios Nakae Architects and Ohno Japan comprises two separate blocks fanning outwards towards Tokyo Bay. (more…)

Student Residence in Paris / LAN Architecture

© Courtesy of LAN Architecture

Architect: LAN Architecture
Location: Paris,
Project leaders: Sebastian Niemann, Venezia Ferret
Project Area: 3,950 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of LAN Architecture

© Courtesy of LAN Architecture

Superyacht design inspired by Voronoi diagram

Voronoi superyatcht

Industrial architect Hyun-Seok Kim, known for eccentric yacht designs, uses Voronoi diagrams as his latest inspiration:

Magritte’s / Atelier Tekuto

Architect: Atelier Tekuto
Location: Tokyo,
Photographs: Makoto Yoshida

© Makoto Yoshida

© Makoto Yoshida

© Makoto Yoshida

Street Monitoring

Street Monitor || Panasonic GH2/Vario7-14@14 | 1/60s | f4 | ISO200


Favrholm Conference Center / SeARCH

Architects: SeARCH bv

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Novo Nordisk
Design Team: Bjarne Mastenbroek, Kathrin Hanf met Remco Wieringa en Paul Stavert, Geurt Holdijk, Laura Alvarez, Elke Demyttenaere, David Gianotten
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Iwan Baan


The façade of this house in Valencia, by Spanish architects BBLab Arquitectos, is punctured with a pattern of circular holes. Floor to ceiling glazing on the garden-facing elevations and an internal hanging iron staircase, with no risers, adds to the feeling of lightness.



A Thoughtful Desk Design

I love a design that incorporates its natural internal mechanics and structural elements into the aesthetic presentation. The simple articulation of the the legs on the sides of the Animate Desk allow a sliver of the maple, leather lined drawer to be seen on either side of the American black walnut exterior framework, enhancing its character and providing the user with an interesting look into the inner workings of their desk. Get it here!

Designer: Dave Young

Hand-Spun Chair

This twist (literally) on the chair, the brainchild of designer Markus Johansson, challenges the straight, rigid, and traditional forms of the modernist aesthetic, presenting itself as a violent and chaotic swirl of solid wood frozen in time. Combining modern and age-old technique, NEST is constructed of a free form combination of round pegs that are bent and then drilled in a CNC milling machine for a precision fit. The pegs share an identical cut, making production easy and straightforward without sacrificing style.

Designer: Markus Johansson


Sou Fujimoto’s proposal for the Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Serbia

It was announced the other day that Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has tied for 1st place in a competition to design the Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Belgrade, Serbia. The committee has described their vision for the site as “the principal new access point from the capital’s riverfront to its historic core, and a contemporary architectural anchor point for a vibrant pedestrian zone in one of the city’s oldest continually inhabited parts.”

Fujimoto is tied with Serbian architectural studio ARCVS. Here is a gallery where you will find all the proposals . Personally I would love to see Fujimoto’s cloud-like structure erected but given the audacity and ambitiousness of his designs (not to mention home-court advantage working against him) it’s probably unlikely.


Talk-o-Meter monitors voice conversations to show who is dominating and who is wallflowering. More.

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Today's archidose #504

"Here are a few photos of Ironbank in Auckland, New Zealand by RTA Studio, the winner of a 2010 New Zealand Architect Award. Photographs are by Phillip Wong."

Rust and Glass - Ironbank

Looking Up Through the Crevice - Ironbank

Erik Nitsche Posters


The Search for Simplicity

Designer Nicola Loi’s goal in creating the Mirtillo table was to achieve a clean shape with maximum simplicity while maintaining recognizable originality. The polarizing design features two sides with hard lines & an unsupported corner that provides a light & an open view into the core of the table. In contrast, the opposing sides feature soft, flowing curves & a shaved corner with a narrower, more curious view into to the table’s lower center. I’d love to see this piece in pure white or clear polycarbonate.

Dimensions: height 45 cm, surface 60×60 cm, footprint 80×80 cm

Designer: Nicola Loi

Today's archidose #503

Martin Luther Church in Hainburg, Austria by Coop Himmelb(l)au, 2011.

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